Transgender @ UConn: Gender-Inclusive Restroom Map

UConn Gender-Inclusive Restroom Map

After a year-long process to collect the data through on-site visual confirmations in most on-campus buildings, the Rainbow Center is proud to have created the UConn Gender-Inclusive Restroom Map.  This map shows the specific locations within buildings of restrooms with gender-inclusive demarcations and single-stall restrooms with no gender-inclusive demarcations.


Additional locations not yet pictured on the map include:

  • Homer Babbidge Library
    • RR1C, First Level, Near the Maker Studio
  • Wilson Hall
    • First Floor, between classrooms 112 & 113
    • First Floor, across from room 108
  • UConn Recreation Center
    • First Floor, before entrance gates, down the hall from the front desk (2)
    • 125A, First Floor, in Universal Locker Room
    • Second Floor, near Studios A and B
    • Third Floor, in hallway near lockers (along basketball courts)
    • Fourth Floor, same level as the running track