Pronouns Posters

New resources for campus:

  1. Restrooms are for Everyone 
  2. All Gender Restrooms are for Everyone

The Rainbow Center is excited to announce the completion of a three-part gender & pronoun poster series for the 2019-2020 school year. The three parts are:

1. Pronouns Posters 2023
2. How Can I Ask People for Pronouns?
3. What If I Mess Up Someone’s Pronouns?

The first poster, Gendered & Gender-Neutral Pronouns was made with the support of the University Senate Diversity Committee.

As we enter into this school year, we are hopeful that these posters can serve as helpful tools to educate and begin conversations about pronouns and gender. Pronouns can sometimes arise as a point of concern at the start of a new semester – with many people to meet, some UConn community members have expressed hope that a tool such as these posters could help to open minds.

At the Rainbow Center, we are committed to the work of fostering a community that is welcoming to all. We hope that you will read, print, and share these posters in an effort to join us in this mission. The Rainbow Center has a limited number of these posters printed in case you would like to pick up one for your office space.

If you have questions or feedback about these posters or the content within them, please contact the Rainbow Center at

NB to those folx who are not affiliated with the University of Connecticut and who may want to display the posters for the purpose on educating others on positive and respectful usage of pronouns when referring to people: please feel free to print the posters with the stipulation that the credit and reference to the University of Connecticut, the Rainbow Center, and the University Senate Diversity Committee remain intact and properly given to these entities.  Permission to use the posters, other than to promote positive education of respectful usage of pronouns when referring to people, is not granted and cannot be assumed.