Out to Lunch Lecture Series

The Out to Lunch Gender, Sexuality and Community Lecture Series (OTL Lecture Series) is an academic lecture and discussion series with guest scholars and community activists from various disciplines examining a variety of topics related to gender identity, gender expression and sexuality. Each semester offers a broad sampling of the existing research and current activism on topics that may include public health, religion, spirituality, business, military, science, K-12 education, families, immigration, literature, politics, law, community organizing, history, violence, race & ethnicity, age, counseling, therapy, sports, romance, policy and many other areas.

Out to Lunch is a interdisciplinary lecture series that focuses on queer studies. All lectures are scheduled for Thursdays at 12:30pm at the Rainbow Center, Student Union 403, unless otherwise posted.  Prior to the Fall 2021 semester, undergraduate students had the option to take the lecture series as a 3 credit-bearing class UNIV 2500, “Gender, Sexuality and Community: Queer Studies in an Interdisciplinary Approach.”

If you are curious about the rosters we have had in the past, please see our list of previous Out to Lunch Lectures.

Fall 2022 roster

October 20:  Alberto Cifuentes, Jr., LMSW (He/Him/His)

“Sex without Sin: A Qualitative Study of the Impact of Stigma on the Sexual Health and Substance Use Outcomes of Internet-based Cisgender Male Sex Workers Who Have Sex with Men”

Alberto Cifuentes, Jr., LMSW, is a doctoral candidate and instructor at the University of Connecticut School of Social Work. He also teaches at Quinnipiac University. A social justice advocate, Alberto considers himself a “scholar activist,” as he is focused on transforming his research into actual policy change. Alberto’s research focuses on how stigma impacts the health outcomes of sex workers, specifically male sex workers. He has used his research to advocate for the decriminalization of sex work and an end to the criminalization of consensual sex work. Alberto is an active member of the National Association of Social Workers of Connecticut and worked with GLSEN, a national safe schools advocacy organization focused on increasing the safety and inclusion of LGBTQ+ youth in K-12 schools, for fifteen years. He is currently the GSA Coordinator for Q Plus, a non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating and supporting LGBTQ+ youth.


October 27:  Christy Anderson, MD, (She/Her/Hers)

Transgender Healthcare Equity: Current Barriers to Transgender Healthcare in the USA

2021 surpasses all prior years on record as the year with the most anti-trans legislation introduced into the legislature (HRC). House representatives in states such as Idaho have passed bills criminalizing the provision of gender-affirming healthcare to transgender youth– and aiding them to cross state lines to seek healthcare (The Guardian). Aim 2. will reinforce the necessity of access to transgender healthcare and explain the stances of current medical organizations endorsing such equitable access, Aim 3 will explore examples of other such laws, and Aim 4 will explore ways that the audience can interact with various communities to advocate for their GM friends, family and peers.