Out to Lunch Lecture Series

The Out to Lunch Gender, Sexuality and Community Lecture Series (OTL Lecture Series) is an academic lecture and discussion series with guest scholars and community activists from various disciplines examining a variety of topics related to gender identity, gender expression and sexuality. Each semester offers a broad sampling of the existing research and current activism on topics that may include public health, religion, spirituality, business, military, science, K-12 education, families, immigration, literature, politics, law, community organizing, history, violence, race & ethnicity, age, counseling, therapy, sports, romance, policy and many other areas.

Out to Lunch is a interdisciplinary lecture series that focuses on queer studies. All lectures are scheduled for Thursdays at 12:30pm at the Rainbow Center, Student Union 403, unless otherwise posted.  During the Spring semester, undergraduate students have an option to take the lecture series as a credit-bearing class UNIV 2500, “Gender, Sexuality and Community: Queer Studies in an Interdisciplinary Approach.” One does not have to be enrolled in the class in order to attend any or all of the lectures.

If you are curious about the rosters we have had in the past, please see our list of previous Out to Lunch Lectures.

Fall 2021 roster

September 30:  Katie Barnes (they/them/theirs); Why We’re Fighting for Sports

Synopsis: The 2021 legislative session saw more bills filed that target the transgender community than ever before, and in many states, sports drove that conversation. This presentation will delve into this specific issue, pulling back the layers of what the legislation actually says, who it affects, and why it matters for athletes and non-athletes alike.

Biography: Katie Barnes (they/them/theirs) is a feature writer at ESPN, covering culture, LGBTQ issues, racial justice, women’s basketball, collegiate softball and women’s combat sports. Their articles on high school transgender athletes have earned them two GLAAD Award nominations. They were also a producer on the 30 for 30 short Mack Wrestles. Barnes holds a B.A. in History, Russian Studies and American Studies from St. Olaf College, and an M.S. in Student Affairs and Higher Education from Miami University (OH). They were the 2017 NLGJA: The Association of LGBTQ Journalists Journalist of the year.