Gender Diversity Inclusion in the Classroom


Thank you for your interest in contributing to an inclusive classroom for UConn’s diverse community of gender identities and expressions, particularly those who are transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary students.  Often they are misgendered and mistreated in the classroom which feels like a hostile learning environment.  Misgendering could include not only using the wrong pronouns, but utilizing only binary language like “you guys,” sir, ma’am, policeman, fireman and others (Instead, use language such as “you all,” folks, everyone, police officer, firefighter, etc.).  Not only is gender identity a protected class in the state of Connecticut, but diversity is a critical component of our mission and values at UConn.

The Rainbow Center community would like to create a new campus norm where everyone shares their pronouns with their name, including cisgender people.  I have my pronouns on my syllabus, team roster, name tag, door tag, e-mail signature and even my UConn business card. However, gender diversity inclusion involves more than pronouns. Please take a brief moment to learn about facilitating a gender diversity inclusive classroom by watching the video and reading a brief article titled: Supporting Transgender Students in the Classroom


Video: UConn Students’ Perspectives


Supporting Transgender Students in the Classroom in Faculty Focus – Dr. Sherry Zane

Additional Resources from the Rainbow Center:

Gender Etiquette Guide


Inclusive Curriculum and Classroom Guide


LGBTQIA+ Dictionary


Gender Inclusive Bathrooms


We appreciate your contributions to an inclusive classroom and campus.  Please explore our website for additional information and resources. Enroll in our Husky Safe Zone training or Husky D.O.G. (Diversity of Gender) training. The schedule is available on our website.

A special note of gratitude to the UConn students who participated in the video and to both Dr. Sherry Zane and Dr. Barbara Gurr for their award-winning teaching and critical research.  Let’s continue to create brave and safe spaces together.