Visibility & Awareness Campaign: T-shirt Design Criteria

Each year we hold a contest for the next t-shirt design for our annual Visibility and Awareness campaign. Below are the criteria. The submissions are accepted and a winner is determined by the Rainbow Center staff.

  • The message must highlight diversity & inclusion, particularly gender and/or sexuality;
  • The design must be simple enough to be in white ink, printed on colored t-shirts. However, all designs will be considered;
  • The design must cleverly include 1998, the year we were established within the theme;
  • The UConn Rainbow Center website must be included at the bottom of the design;
  • The current year of copyright should be included on the design;
  • The winner can obtain up to 4 free t-shirts (sizes small to xxxl). It is understood that the UConn Rainbow Center owns the right to the t-shirt design;
  • The final draft must be submitted in camera-ready jpeg format.

Please see the gallery of t-shirts from the past in the Rainbow Center. It serves as a historic display with inspiration and winning designs.

ourcenter finebyme tolerance hearts erasehate disease tenyears cookiecutter marriage equality united fifteenyears xe* Know Your Foundation United We Stand #SomosOrlando